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On these pages will (eventually) be found information on recording audio, as well as MP3s of music I have composed, arranged and recorded myself.

Below on this page are links to various MP3 recordings of my own music. This content will hopefully be added to and updated as time permits.Click here now to Skip to the MP3 music section

As a blind musition for recording I use Cakewalk Sonar recording software. To access this I use the JAWS screen reader

On its own however JAWS would not work with Cakewalk Sonar were it not for the wonderful, and free JSonar and Hot Spot Clicker scripts.

I have put some links which I find useful on the Music Links page. and the Equipment page lists the equipment which I use.

MP3 recordings

Electronic Dreams

This basically I guess forms like an album... how old fashioned of me I know... these were all recorded late 2009 and early 2010 and potentially are in the order in which they'd appear if I were eventually to get round to burning them onto an actual CD.... Enjoy, or not, the choice is yours.

  1. The Diesel Powered Dog.
  2. The Two Envelope Paradox
  3. area 42
  4. Doubtful Dub
  5. Cures For Apathy
  6. The Chinchilla Waltz Part One
  7. Reputation Chance Ironey
  8. Panic In Belief
  9. Twist Crush
  10. Cat Medication
  11. Painful Dub
  12. Vortex
  13. Control Funk Zero
  14. Hanson's Guard
  15. Steeple Rider
  16. Dignify That Life
  17. Power Exchange

Chinese Takeaway

This piece was recorded for a friend, as background music to accompany their video footage of a trip to China. The piece is ment to sound 'oriental' but at least to my ears it has a more Middle Easturn flavour to the tune...

If you'd like to see/hear the full version, with my backing music, and my friend's narration and video footage, it is availible here on youTube: Video And narration with China Music

Heavy stuff

Largely these songs are very simple rock songs, with me twiddling about on the guitar extremely badly. Both these I think use the Variax 700 Electric guitar.

Dub Tunes

Never quite happy with the sound of these, and some of them will eventually be re-recorded, and re-mastered to hopefully achieve the end result I was after with each. I should have a whole albums worth of dub songs I've written if they can be retrieved off of an old harddrive....

Vaguely Jazz

Again, the sound on these is almost but not quite what I wanted, but overall more happy with these recordings.

Ancient stuff

These may or may not eventually be turned into something I'm a bit happier with; Some of these were recorded with Cakewalk Sonar LE, some with Sonar Home Studeo, and some with older versions of Cakewalk Studeo edition (I now use Cakewalk Producer edition V8.X).

Unfortunately the master copies of most of these along with over a hundred other bits of various matterial not yet uploaded, is sitting on the harddrive taken from my deceased computer...